Trail of the Quetzal

Back online and open for business!

This is a trip we first ran some years ago but was taken offline as the area was closed to tourist. Well it’s back and we’re gonna be some of the first to get back in there.

This is a pioneer trek across the Sierra Las Minas, one of Guatemala’s most protected areas.  It is not easy, but to experience such pristine nature, untouched and raw never is. The Sierra las Minas encompasses over 60% of Central America’s remaining cloud forest and boasts the highest amount bio-diversity anywhere in the region.  If you are hoping to catch a glimpse of Guatemala’s national icon; the quetzal, in the wild in it’s native habitat, then you will want to come on this trip.

The hiking is rough and hard going.  It is often damp and muddy.  On our last trip we saw 5 quetzales!  Pretty sweet pay-off we think.

Our walk takes us 4 days across the sierra through the various parts of the park where howler monkeys play over head.  We will spend each night in rustic cabins that are nestled in the forest.  They are basic but provide a warm shelter for us to warm up and dry out after the days walk.


Rhys Cooper, Scotland


“So here I am, sat in my office with the reliable Scottish rain lashing against my window….Thank you all again for a truly great holiday.”