Nebaj to Todos Santos Trek


Community based tourism at its finest.

 This is Guatemala’s top trekking route!  5 days of “out there”trekking across the remote departments of Quiche and Huehuetenango.  This trek traverses areas only accessible by foot.  We’ll walk through small, seemingly forgotten Mayan villages of people that were displaced by nearly 35 years of civil war.  Along the way we stay in small community run hostels and/or hotels and break bread with local families.  Much of the route is above 10,000 ft. across the Guatemalan altiplano.  

We offer 2 options along this classic route; both treks start in the Ixil Mayan stronghold of Nebaj and finish in the remote mountain village of Todos Santos, famous for its “Day of the Dead” festivities.  On our hut to hut option we rely each night on the hospitality of the local communities we pass through.  We will spend 4 nights in community hostals that are set up across the highlands.  We’ll sit around the hearth of a local family and break bread with a local family.  

Our hut and hotel route plies much of the same route with a couple detours to visit 2 boutique hotels nestled in the area.  This is the perfect mix between the more rustic hut to hut and full luxury.  We’ll spend two nights in community hostels and 2 nights in beautiful unique boutique hotels; one a working artisanal cheese farm and the other a horseback riding center.

Either way, you’ll have the experience of a lifetime.  This area of Guatemala sees far less tourism than most areas and offers a great community based tourism experience full of nature and adventure!

Lynne Bredfeldt


Old Town Outfitters is my happy place. You guys consistently exceed my expectations. I know it’s only been two times, but you are by far the leader in the pack when it comes to professionalism, safety, expertise and adventure! Billy was incredible. You are very lucky to have him as a guide. We had such a great time together, like we we were all put together for a reason. I will forever remember when we were nearly to the top and Billy looked at us and said – let’s touch the sky.