Volcano Ride

Holy Santa Maria Volcano Ride

Named after Santa Maria de Jesus at the foot of the Agua Volcano, we begin a superb, technical cross-country single-track del cielo a la tierra. This is a downhiller’s dream come true.

  • Explore tight single-track through lush evergreen forest & high elevation cornfields.
  • Scream down the flanks of the mighty Volcan de Agua.
  • Pedal ancient indian footpaths across the volcano.
  • Go where no chicken bus dares to go!

For those of you who want to test your mettle and don’t want the downhill to come too easy, there is a super sweet trail climb that grinds its way out of the valley up to meet the ride just outside of Santa Maria…Better eat your Wheaties!

Beginners need not apply, Intermediate to Advanced Riders only!

Calder Graham


“Just wanted to let you know that the trip was EXCELLENT.  Thank  you again. …. Richy and Oseas were incredible.  Always on top of the game, friendly, and very personable…..I would highly recommend … doing trips with Old Town.  We all agreed that we had a fabulous time, it was a wonderful way to cap off our Guatemalan trip as a family. “