Sip n’ Cycle Coffee Mountain Bike Ride

Sip n’ Cycle Mountain Bike Rides

We offer two different rides beginner level mountain bike rides that focus on two distinctly different facets of Guatemalan coffee production. One is a mountain bike tour to local farmers co-op (De la Gente) and the other to a commercial farm (Finca Azotea).

Sip n’ Cycle – Azotea – Access a detailed PDF tour description here.

Our ride to Finca Azotea focuses more on big scale coffee processing. Although they are a small growing farm they have a large processing capacity which means they not only process and package their own coffee, but other smaller growers can pay to have their coffee processed there as well. The farm has a maze of great trails weaving their way through the plantation between the coffee plants and shade trees. The plantation’s practice of shade grown coffee means the farm will be alive with native bird species as well. After biking among the plants we’ll head inside to sample the different varieties & blends of coffee and see the whole coffee “deal” from start to finish, picking to packaging.

Sip n’ Cycle – De la Gente – Access a detailed PDF tour description here.

Our ride out to the coffee coop of De la Gente is the flip side to seeing a large scale production farm.  This ride will take us to a community on the flank of Volcan de Agua where local farmers work together as a co-op to grow, pick and process their own coffee for export. De La Gente works with the local farmers’ co-op to help them brand their coffee and reach markets in North America and Europe.  We will take a private tour with one of the co-op farmers to their field and then go to their house to see how they toast the coffee on a small batch at a time level. Finally we will have lunch with the family before heading back to Antigua.  This trip is more expensive than the ride out to commercial coffee farms, but a portion of your trip price goes straight to the farmer/co-op for the tour there.

  • Ride through the mazes of a coffee plantation
  • Sample various blends of some of the best coffee Guatemala has to offer
  • Learn about how coffee is planted, harvested, and produced, from picking to packaging
  • Explore the Antigua valley

Rhys Cooper, Scotland


“So here I am, sat in my office with the reliable Scottish rain lashing against my window….Thank you all again for a truly great holiday.”


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