Sip ‘n Cycle Coffee Ride

Antigua Valley ‘Sip ‘n Cycle’ Coffee Tours

Mountain bike ride the backroads around Antigua to the most exclusive coffee finca in town. The farm is a maze of great trails weaving their way through the plantation. The plantation’s practice of shade grown coffee means the farm will be alive with native bird species as well. After biking amongst the plants we’ll head inside to sample the different varieties & blends of coffee and see the whole coffee “deal” from start to finish, picking to packaging.

  • Ride through the mazes of a coffee plantation
  • Sample various blends of some of the best coffee Guatemala has to offer
  • Learn about how coffee is planted, harvested, and produced, from picking to packaging
  • Explore the Antigua valley
  • “2015″ Try the Sip’n Cycle Coffee Tours De la Gente 
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Beginner Level Ride With Coffee Plantation Tour

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