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Monterrico: Kayaking and Wildlife, Beach and Beers!

The coastal area around Monterrico is a totally different side of Guatemala. Life here is steeped with a sultry, tropical flavor – it’s a place where your biggest worry is whether you’ll be laying in a hammock or hanging out on the beach. Monterrico simply is a great spot for a weekend break at the beach.

During this overnight trip we’ll be able to enjoy al facets of the beach: swimming in the sea, relaxing with a cocktail in a hammock, viewing sea turtles, kayaking trough a large network of mangrove swamps and canals, and exploring the beach nightlife.

  • Enjoy an overnight stay at a beautiful beachfront hostel
  • Relax alongside the vulcanic black sand beaches
  • Kayak trough the undeveloped  mangrove’s of Guatemala’s Pacific coast
  • Experience the sunset and explore the beach nightlife

Ruth Rachel Praybojewski


“This was a trip [acatenango overnight] I will remember for the rest of my life!  Well worth the time and company spent!  Beautiful!


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