Lake Atitlan San Pedro- NGOs

Aldous Huxley’s described Lake Atitlan, as “too much of a good thing, it touches the limit of the permissibly picturesque”.

This 3 day trip will take us to San Pedro, the lake’s social spot and popular party scene. Here we’ll be able to enjoy the (night)life of this backpacker hangout town, relax in our lakefront hotel equipped with multiple terraces, a pool table, bar and jacuzzis, and have the chance to hike up Volcan San Pedro, where on the summit we’ll have a spectacular view of this amazing lake.

  • Stay in a lovely lakefront hotel, one of the coolest digs around Lake Atitlan
  • Experience the special atmosphere of this backpacker hangout town
  • Hike up Volcan San Pedro and enjoy spectacular views of the lake and the western mayan highlands of Guatemala
  • Have a relaxing time alongside the beautiful Lake Atitlan

Hooked on the Outdoors


“Too much of a good thing…Atitlan 2-day Pedal and Paddle trip.”


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