Lake Atitlan Kayak- NGOs

Aldous Huxley’s described Lake Atitlan, as “too much of a good thing, it touches the limit of the permissibly picturesque”.

This trip will take us to one of the most beautiful places in Guatemala. We’ll combine the open water adventure of Sea Kayaking in Lake Atitlan’s deep blue-green volcanic waters and a hike through local towns via cliff-side trails around the ridge of the lake, with a nice relaxing time in a beautiful lakefront hotel at the picturesque town of Santa Cruz La Laguna.

  • Stay at Atitlan’s coolest digs, a lakeside hotel in Santa Cruz
  • Explore the beauty of the lake while kayaking
  • Swim in our secret swim-hole, or dive from the cliffs
  • Hike on panoramic cliffside trail and see the wonders of Atitlan, away from Gringotenango

What Mountain Bike


“The Guatemalan promised land for single-track hounds.  Antigua with hundreds of trails just out of town


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