What kind of shoes do I need for hiking?

If you have boots, that would be the most optimal. However, many people do hike the volcanoes wearing running sneakers.

For bigger hikes like Acatenango, you want to make sure you have a comfortable show that won’t give you blisters, and that can support the weight with your backpack on. You should be aware that Pacaya, Acatenango, and Fuego have sections of volcanic scree and loose rock/dirt that can get in your shoes. Please do not hike in sandals, 5 finger shoes, or Crocs. You do need a comfortable, closed toe shoe.


How much water should I bring?

For a day hike like Pacaya, we recommend 2 liters of water.

For an overnight hike on Acatenango, we recommend 4-6 liters of water.

For a 3-day hike, we recommend 3-4 liters per day.


What will I be carrying on the hike?

For day hikes, you will be carrying personal items, and your water, and on certain hikes your lunch.

For overnight hikes, you will be carrying your personal items and clothes, your personal camping gear, your water, and on certain hikes your share of the food and kitchen gear.  ***See Porter Service section below


How big should my backpack be?

For a day hike like Pacaya, we recommend you have a small backpack, 10-20 liter capacity.

For an overnight hike, we recommend at least a 45 liter capacity bag.


What should I pack for the hike?

On each tour page, there is a downloadable PDF Trip Description for each trip. At the end of these documents, we have written a suggested pack-list for that specific trip.


How cold do the summits get?

Even for day hikes, its a good idea to bring a warm layer, and a wind layer. If Pacaya becomes cloudy, windy, and rainy, temperatures can drop down to 10 degrees Celsius.

For Acatenango, our campsite is at about 3600 meters. Normal temperature for the campsite will be about 6 degrees Celsius, although on occasion can drop down to almost 0 degrees Celsius at night.

For overnight trips, we have top quality tents and sleeping bags to keep you warm. If conditions allow, we will also have a campfire at nighttime. Please do bring warm layers for the night either way, and pack a warm layer and rain jacket/windshell accessible in your bag.



What is the porter service?

Personal porters are actually members of the community in La Soledad, our starting point of the hike. 100% of the porter service charge goes to them.

Porters can carry up to 40lbs, so you can either hire a personal porter to carry all of your load, or split a porter with another member of your group. If you do split a porter with someone else, we still recommend at least a 25L bag to carry the rest of your gear.

Porters pack their gear in their own personal nets, so you don’t need to have a backpack to hang off to them. However, we do recommend that if they will be carrying your personal gear, you wrap that in a garbage back in case of rain.

Porters cost $20 each way. You have the option of only using them to bring your gear up for day 1, and if you’d like to have them stay and carry your gear down the next day, day 2 would would cost an additional $20.



Calder Graham


“Just wanted to let you know that the trip was EXCELLENT.  Thank  you again. …. Richy and Oseas were incredible.  Always on top of the game, friendly, and very personable…..I would highly recommend … doing trips with Old Town.  We all agreed that we had a fabulous time, it was a wonderful way to cap off our Guatemalan trip as a family. “