Beast of the East

The Beast of the East is one of our newest rides. We follow the old United Fruit Company’s banana republic railroad from Guatemala City out to the Honduran border and make a stop in at the Mayan Ruins of Copan. This is a super unique ride into Guatemala’s “wild, wild East” a place that not many tourists venture to. The arid lowland deserts and railroad towns are a throw back to the time of the Banana Republic. Following the old railroad grade not only means a multiday rail trail ride that is not super technical but it also takes us through remote river canyons and once important but now forgotten banana outposts. We ride is 5 days of point to point full y supported riding with 4 nights camping and the last night we stay in a hotel in Copan Las Ruinas Honduras.


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National Geographic Adventure Magazine


“Volcan de Fuego, a five star attraction on a Guatemalan Ring of Fire hike. One of the world’s top 25 trips…”